Body of Work, Tears

Body of Work, Tears
digital video, 1 minute 45 seconds, 2005

This particular video investigates the possibility of constructed emotion. We are left not knowing why the man is crying or what he is even listening to. The two feminine hands seem to be collecting the tears and possibly painting them at the same time.

A series of my videos revolve around fluid and solid constructions of masculinity explored through private and social rituals. Whether contemporary or archaic, rituals are used in order to keep our boundaries clear between nature and culture. I am interested in what is produced from these interactions and how they form information about ourselves. These videos focus mostly on homosocial grouping of men where virility and vulnerability fluctuate. I am interested in producing art that reflect cycles of production and consumption that explore how the body can also construct and be engulfed at the same time. These examinations of physical parameters come about from a life of constant movement and struggles to connect with my own surroundings from growing up in a military family.

One Pull, One Yank, Three Jerks, Gallery X, Chicago, IL, 2006

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