Where I End and You Begin #3

Where I End and You Begin # 3
backlit duratrans print, 9 x 21 feet, 2010

Solo Project at Mixed Greens Gallery, New York NY
opening January 7, 6-8pm
– March 13, 2010
531 West 26th Street, NYC 10001

For this window installation I photographed the faces of twenty-four individuals—mounters, collectors, curators and artists—whom I met in the art world since moving to New York in 2007. Combining all of these fragmented portraits into one finalized work, the resulting collection of stray marks becomes the final Twomblyesque, minimalist, digital portrait. My “self-portrait” lives at the center of the piece and the other “portraits” spiral out. A solar system begins to take shape with the people I know best orbiting closest and those less familiar living at the outer fringe.

This work is part of the series Detouched, a collection of abstract portraits. They are created from the physical “flaws” that define us—wrinkles, moles, blemishes, and stray hairs—which are often removed from commercial portraits. Likenesses are abstracted through erasure of the entire face except for these minor imperfections and the finished results resemble minimalist drawings. This new configuration no longer implies any facial resemblance. The tiny markings retain their photographic quality upon close inspection but at a distance become something entirely different. Instead it suggests a nebula or celestial body, revealing connections between our own physical markings and those of the cosmos, perhaps foreshadowing a state beyond death.

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