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  Cognitive Awareness
  Ex Cartiera Latina, Rome
  April 22 - 30, 2022

  Material Remains
  Young Space
  Aug 20 - Sep 19, 2021

  In The Wake Of Slumber
  Paradice Palase, Brooklyn
  May 15 - June 9, 2021
  Solo Show
  Human Nature Perfectly
  Below Grand, NYC
  March 22, 2021

  Solo Show
  I Am A Portrait
  Undercurrent, Brooklyn, NY
  Jan 10th - Feb 8th, 2020

Figural Moments, 2016-17

archival pigment prints of imperfections on paper

Made in Transit, Macy Gallery, Columbia University, New York, NY, 2018

Figural Moments focuses on the process of cloning in Photoshop, which involves sampling one area to cover an imperfection in another point of the same digital photograph. The clustered imagery in my work are the results of cloned bits of flesh and decor taken from dozens of captured fashion images. A blend of figure and background, these new images made me think about the relationship to Gestalt psychology, which focuses on ones ability to maintain meaningful perceptions in an apparently chaotic world. The phrase 'figural moments' is understood as "group of objects that resemble one another more or less completely...and is the 'place' beyond which the authentic is lost and can be regained only by resorting to the symbolic".