I’m a Square
  Familiar Faces
  New beginnings, old endings...
  Color, Balance
  Keep it Floating Forever
  Figural Moments
  Where I End and You Begin
  Absent Minded Monotonous Splendor
  The Continuous Work Drawings
  Similar Seemingly Absurd Infinities


  Cognitive Awareness
  Ex Cartiera Latina, Rome
  April 22 - 30, 2022

  Material Remains
  Young Space
  Aug 20 - Sep 19, 2021

  In The Wake Of Slumber
  Paradice Palase, Brooklyn
  May 15 - June 9, 2021
  Solo Show
  Human Nature Perfectly
  Below Grand, NYC
  March 22, 2021

  Solo Show
  I Am A Portrait
  Undercurrent, Brooklyn, NY
  Jan 10th - Feb 8th, 2020

I’m a Square, 2021

PNGs, 1024x1024 pixels, Edition of 1 each as an NFT

I’m a Square is a series of self-portraits of the artist based on his official work portrait as a Senior Photo Retoucher. This body of work involves aspects of ownership, identity, value and gaming.

The originating value of each work is the square root of the pixel count. #15 = 3.87 ETH.

To collect a work from this series please visit


I personally retouched the original image for my job’s website, which is an oddly metaphysical experience to zoom in on my face and stamp out ‘imperfections’. In a dark turn, it became the last professional photograph of me before getting skin cancer on my face.

I wanted to truly own this ‘last image’ and have obtained copyright from the photographer. I will be making multiple bodies of work from the portrait that investigate ideas of ownership, identity and value in relation to blockchain technology.