I never wanted anything more than to fit inside your head, 2023

Artwork and details, 1/1, 8000 x 10000 pixels, JPG

Part of my body of work Color, Balance, it continues with my use of digital remnants such as color layers, skin imperfections and adjustment masks removed from fashion photography as a base for artworks that I further manipulate in Photoshop. I use color as a spatial feature, shifting away the boundary of the body. Marks merge into odd appendages and disappear into a color field.

My artworks are profoundly informed from my professional work as a senior photo retoucher in the beauty industry, going on 20+ years now. This job or 'paid research' as I like to call it affords me both a way to support my art and a weird realm of artistic exploration.

I am especially interested in the life and transformation of a digital image in relationship to the cloud. In advertising a photograph can undergo hundreds of altercations to create an 'ideal' image with the purpose to gain your attention and sell something to you.

This work was sold as a NFT and can be viewed on SuperRare.