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Getting to Infinity group exhibition

I am excited to be exhibiting a ‘small’ selection of 75 drawings as part of Getting to Infinity
at the Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ. Opening Thur Jan 22nd, 5-9pm.

Learn about the story of The Continuous Work Drawings (Double Dip), which includes around 1500 drawings. I will be offering up the drawings for sale through email and an online store beginning January 23rd, 2015.

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installation view – The Continuous Work Drawings (Double Dip), 2012, inkjet print 5.5 x 8.5 inches on 8.5 x 11 inch paper 

Getting to Infinity
Opening Reception: Thursday Jan 22nd 5-9pm

Tuesday, January 20th to Friday, March 13th

Walsh Gallery
Seton Hall University
400 South Orange Ave
South Orange, NJ 07079

This exhibition features artists exploring the concept of infinity which is abstract and boundless in scope. The participating artists will be investigating the subject through various indexes including mathematics, physics and spirituality.

Featuring: Jessica Angel, Gianluca Bianchino, Julia Oldham, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Chad Stayrook, Katie Treidl and Eric Valosin. Curated by Jeanne Brasile.

Press Release

Boredernity: Part 1 of …

I will have a new instructional workshop/performance 

Boredernity: Part 1 of …

Thursday, February 20, 2014, 6:30pm

At EFA Project Space, 323 W. 39th Street, 2nd Floor in Manhattan

A riveting performance about boredom and space-shifting; Southworth will reveal the “slow dance” of labor in connection to his practice, which involves the wadding and mashing of imagery from periodicals into three-dimensional sculptures. For his installation in Distant Images, Local Positions, titled The Deep Empty, pages fromNational Geographic Magazine were reshaped into new stalactite-like growths that slowly reach down from a ceiling, eventually falling on the ground.

Part instructional workshop, part performance; Southworth will discuss his interest in boredom and what he does while being bored. In past works, such as Boredom: A Literal History, he has torn pages from books and magazines, creating a series of sculptures by spitting the bits of paper through a straw onto a surface.

This event is for the young and old, the interesting and boring. Attendees can expect the following:

– Observe how a real pro shoots bits of paper through a straw.

– Learn the basics of spit wadding, from the benefits of certain paper types to choosing the appropriate straw.

– Gain a limited knowledge, most likely, based on biased ideas about the topic of boredom.



Distant Images, Local Positions group exhibition

I have a new installation in this group exhibition.

The Deep Empty, 2014, pages from National Geographic Magazine

Distant Images, Local Positions
Opening: Friday January 24 from 6-8pm

Curated by: Wafaa Bilal
With works by: Haseeb Ahmed and Daniel Baird, Hasan Elahi, Annie Laurie Erickson, Regina Mamou, Mary Mattingly, Trevor Paglen, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Scott Patrick Wiener
January 24 – March 8, 2014
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts: Project Space

Superposition: Observing Realities

Exist, 2013

I have a couple works in a group exhibition at the Trinity Church, NYC. One is new installation in the actual church and I also have some of my Detouched pieces in the Trinity Museum.

SUPERPOSITION: Observing Realities
Opening Nov 14 5:30-8:30pm

November 15 – December 23, 2013
Trinity Museum
inside Trinity Church on Broadway and Wall St, NYC 


A Fancy Machine is the Perfect Centerpiece

A Fancy Machine is the Perfect Centerpiece, 2013

A Fancy Machine is the Perfect Centerpiece, 2013

I have a new installation that is only viewable from Mixed Greens Gallery in NYC. Inspired by my artist residency in Switzerland when I was visiting the Large Hadron Collider operated by CERN. I decided to make my own “collider”.

Read the full press release here, it is quite the story.

A Fancy Machine is the Perfect Centerpiece

Opening Nov 14th 6-8pm

November 14, 2013 – January 4, 2014
Mixed Greens Gallery
531 West 26th Street, NYC 


Write up in TagesWoche about the “Solo Show” at iaab Projektraum

Here is Looking at You, 2013

There was a write up in TagesWoche about the “Solo Show” exhibition I am in at the iaab Projektraum in Basel, Switzerland.

The online German version is here.
The translated English PDF can be downloaded here.

Got a nice write up and image placement in the Basler Zeitung

The title “Das Model und die Maus” (The Model and the Mouse) is actually pretty funny as it references my past work The Continuous Work Drawings (involving tracking of a computer mouse while retouching photos of models to create digital drawings), which are a basis for this installation image.

Traces from iaab, two person exhibition at Dock in Basel, Switzerland

Unfolding Space #3, collage

I have an installation of my collage series Unfolding Space installed, check out more images here.

Traces fromiaab
Basel, Switzerland
Apr 25th to May 26th, 2013


Solo Show, iaab Projektraum, Basel, Switzerland

Solo show

Lona Klaus, Basel
Maude Léonard-Contant, Montreal
Kasper Muttonen
, Helsinki
Angelika Schori,
Travis LeRoy Southworth, New York

Vernissage: Freitag, 26. April, 19-21 Uhr.
Live music mit YOLK
Happy hours with cocktails

Dokumentiert von Vanessa Simili
Fünf Texte von Ruchir Joshi

Öffnungszeiten: 27. April – 11. Mai
Jeweils Donnerstag bis Samstag, 14-18 Uhr 

Ort: iaab-Projektraum Basement,
Oslostr. 10, 4142 Münchenstein

Ein gemeinsames Projekt von iaab, internationales Atelier- und Austauschprogramm der Region Basel, dem Institut Kunst, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW und der Uni Basel, Französisches Seminar, Departement Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften

I have three pieces in the exhibition If The Present is Not to Disappear

If The Present is Not to Disappear, 2012, flexible neon tubing, .75 x 14 inches

If The Present is Not to Disappear
Chashama 303
New York, NY
January 10th to January 19, 2013
Reception: Thursday, January 10th, 6pm to 8pm

Untitled group exhibition – I will have a wallpaper installation

Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University
South Orange, NJ
January 22nd to February 22, 2013
Reception: Thursday, January 24th, 5pm to 9pm
Featuring: Arianna Carossa, Joseph Farbrook, Darren Jones, Maciej Markowicz, Chris Radtke, Joseph G. Sabatino, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Dmitry (Dima) Strakovsky and Eric Valosin

download press release

The Sky is Falling! group exhibition, I have my Absent Minded video in it.


The Sky is Falling!
BYRDCLIFFE Kleinert/James Center for the Arts
Woodstock, NY
October 19 – December 2, 2012
Reception: Saturday, October 20, 4:00 – 6:00 pm

update: review on Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly
“In Travis LeRoy Southworth’s animation Absent-Minded Monotonous Splendor, for example, a voice from the History Channel intones about the Big Bang while an image of the artist’s face, which has the unflattering honesty of an early Chuck Close portrait, is subsumed by a white film. The film preserves every mole and blemish: dots that are transformed into swirling galaxies. Southworth is adept at incorporating the squeamish into his art, as illustrated by his termite-hill-shaped sculptures crafted of spitballs.”


Switzerland Artist Residency! I will be doing a project involving the Large Hadron Collider

I will be in Switzerland for 6 months (Jan-June 2013) to do an art project involving the Large Hadron Collider. I will be heading down to Geneva a couple times a month to talk to physicists at CERN and creating new work based on these interactions.

The residency is sponsored through Galapagos Art Space & IAAB, the International Exchange and Studio Program of the Canton of Basel, Switzerland. Each year IAAB offers one artist from NYC the opportunity to spend six months in Basel.

Arc-Types and Well-Rounded Characters exhibition

Arc-Types and Well-Rounded Characters
371 Warren St – 4th fl,
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Friday, May 4th – Friday, June 1st, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, May 4th 6pm to 9pm

Press Release

Curated by Jeanne Brasile

Artists include Gianluca Bianchino, Dianne Bowen, Magenta del Ray, Giovanna Cecchetti, Dahlia Elsayed, Vandana Jain, Ahni Kruger, Betty McGeehan, Ryan Roa, Lauren Smith, Travis LeRoy Southworth and Injoo Whang.

Spit wad workshop on Sunday June 12th 3-5pm at Camel Art Space

Join me this Sunday June 12th from 3-5pm at Camel Art Space, I am doing a spit wad workshop.

It shall be an afternoon of boredom, possible entertainment, and paper spat through a straw.

in conjunction with:

•Get on the Block•

Camel Art Space
722 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
May 13 – June 19, 2011

Works by: Julianne Ahn • Alex Paik • Matt Phillips • Travis LeRoy Southworth • Liz Zanis

Curated by: Lauren van Haaften-Schick

Get on the Block exhibition at Camel Art Space

Get on the Block
Camel Art Space
Brooklyn, NY
May 13 – June 12, 2011
Reception: Fri, May 13, 6-9pm

A detail of one portion of the sculptural installation The Growing Metaphysical Void (Displaced from My Bedroom Ceiling)

Works by: Julianne Ahn • Alex Paik • Matt Phillips • Travis LeRoy Southworth • Liz Zanis

Curated by: Lauren van Haaften-Schick

The works in Get on the Block explore social and self-conscious anxieties and motivations surrounding art production and exhibition. Through sincere humor, humility and coy absurdity, these artists confront what critic Jan Verwoert has termed “the pressure to perform,” the expectation and demand that artists and cultural producers present only absolute, correct assertions with the “genius-like” promise of positive results. In contrast, these works offer open-ended proposals or temporary conclusions, rendering suspect the desire and criteria for defining success or failure.

Suspicious of their assumed positions as key-holders to a romantic, isolated world of the studio, the artists in the exhibition both embrace and push against the problematic of this rarified space. Jubilance and serendipity direct Alex Paik‘s skewed, hyper-saturated geometric cut paper drawings and reliefs, nuanced by a pointed fixation on rudimentary elements. A similar upheaval of and reverence for formalism is conveyed in Matt Phillips‘ paintings, as picture-making rules are shattered and refracted, alluding at once to physics, psychedelia and high modernism.

Autobiographic works consider the conditions for their creation and the artist’s interior life as a similar workspace, exposing the labor of production as an intrinsic result of their everyday experience. Liz Zanis‘ miniature facsimiles of commonplace objects such as wrapped floral bouquets, train tickets and phone books reflect upon and speak to anxieties surrounding personal and public exchange and perception. Julianne Ahn‘s labor and time intensive works reference the intimate mania of art making and domestic life, as dirty laundry and the grid appear as equals in a hierarchy of categorical terms, the physical minutia of one realm is allowed to populate the other. Emulating the work of work, Travis LeRoy Southworth‘s spit-wad accumulations embody a constant churning of thoughts and desire for action, ruminating at once on where to begin and what could determine an end.

If the idea of the studio distinguishes a place for art-work, or production with the goal of display, then viewing one’s labor as play becomes a radical gesture. Subverting the anticipation of the artist as authority and reconsidering the definitions of emotional, intellectual and physical boundaries in the context of object-making, these works fuse these spaces to propose a more unified and fluid concept of production.

update: review on WNYC’s Arts Datebook

Portraiture: Inside Out exhibition

If you find yourself in the New Jersey area I have a couple works a group exhibition.

Portraiture: Inside Out
Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University
South Orange, NJ
February 28 – April 1, 2011
Opening Reception: Thursday March 3rd 5-9pm

Absent Minded Monotonous Splendor

Installation shot of Absent Minded Monotonous Splendor, digital video, 3 minutes 30 seconds, 2010.

An exhibition of contemporary portraiture. Curated by Ruth Ballester, Whitney Fehl and Lauren Thompson, Graduate Students in the Museum Professions Program.

Sarah Bliss, Dominic Guarnaschelli, Gwen Hardie, Jenny Hyde, Pat Lay, Greg Leshé, So Yoon Lym, Ryan Roa, Steve Rossi, Jesse Eric Schmidt, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Tanja Targersen, Peter Whittenberger, Christine Wong Yap and Raphael Zollinger.

Update, here is a link to the catalog.

Group exhibition Matinee at St. Cecilia’s Gallery

My video Mob Silence is in the exhibition Matinee at St. Cecilia’s Gallery. Check it out if you have time, only open the weekend of Feb 5th, noon – 10pm.

Install shots of Mob Silence, digital video, two channels, 3 minutes 30 seconds, 2007

St. Cecilia’s Gallery
21 Monitor St., Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, February 5, 12-10pm.
Sunday, February 6, 12-6pm.

Reception: Saturday, February 5th, 6-10pm.

Matinee, a group exhibition of film and video, will be held on Saturday, February 5th, 2011, at the St. Cecilia’s Gallery in Brooklyn.

The film and video works in Matinee consider or incorporate the environment in which they are viewed. They may physically involve the theater space, question the impact of the viewing conditions on one’s experience of the work, or otherwise engage the space outside the screen. Taking inspiration from the often flawed and problematic conditions for watching and exhibiting film and video in a gallery setting, and the stark contrast of St. Cecilia’s Gallery to such white cube spaces, these works activate their surroundings and are activated by their context. This premise is open to interpretation, so that each work and each gallery room has a distinctly different feel.

Artists Included:

Leah Beeferman, Alex da Corte, David Dunn, Antonello Faretta, John Giorno, Samara Golden, Jesse Greenberg, Ezra Johnson, Denise Kupferschmidt, Nick Lally, Jeanette Mundt, Nick Paparone, Ted Passon, Christian Sampson, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Jeffrey Tranchell, JD Walsh, and Letha Wilson.

Matinee is curated by Patrick Brennan and Lauren van Haaften-Schick.

Update: Review of exhibition on Artnet

Collaboration: Panel Discussion @ Jamaica Center for the Arts

The artist collaborative I’m in, BroLab Collective is giving a talk about working in a collaborative group, check it out.

Collaboration: Panel Discussion
Jamica Center for the Arts, Feb 16th

Wednesday, February 16, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning (JCAL), 161-04 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432

Working with other people on an art project is recently seen as important and beneficial on many levels. JCAL invites BroLab, an artist collective, to the Studio LLC February Seminar. The group will present their experiences of collaboration along with the advantages and difficulties they found in working with other artists.

BroLab Collective is Rahul Alexander, Jonathan Brand, Adam Brent,
Lee Bullock, Ken Madore, Ryan Roa and Travis LeRoy Southworth

“Day Job” at The Drawing Center, NYC

drawing portrait (composite) – detail
inkjet print of moles, blemishes, wrinkles and stray hairs of the Drawing Center staff, 40 x 30 inches, 2010

I was recently commissioned to create a new work for a group exhibition at the Drawing Center.

Dec. 10, 2010 – Feb. 3, 2011
Opening Reception: December 9th, 6pm
Drawing Center
35 Wooster Street
New York, NY

Press Release

Works by:

Chris Akin, Pasquale Cortese, Elizabeth Duffy, Caroline Falby, Alex Gingrow, Tom Hooper, Alexa Horochowksi, Dawn Hunter, Michael Krueger, Shawn Kuruneru, Deanna Lee, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Mary Lydecker, Raul J. Mendez, Julia Oldham, Alex O’Neal, Roberto Osti, Zach Rockhill, Luis Romero, Alfred Steiner, Justin Storms, Harvey Tulcensky, and Jonathan Wahl

Video of installation at Martha Otero Gallery, LA

installation progress of The Growing Metaphysical Void at the Center of My Bedroom Ceiling, 2010 from Travis LeRoy Southworth on Vimeo.

Installation for Legal Tender exhibition at Martha Otero Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

The Growing Metaphysical Void at the Center of My Bedroom Ceiling
spit wads from magazine ads, dimensions vary, 2010

Shooting thousands of spit wads through a straw at the ceiling to create stalactite-like forms. The stalactites were mostly created in my studio in Brooklyn over the past year and then brought to the gallery, installed on the ceiling.

Over 20 hours I shot spit wads at the ceiling to add further to the installation. The video is created from still images taken every 30 seconds during the installation. The paper for the wads is taken from magazine ads.

More info here:

“Legal Tender” at Martha Otero Gallery

The Growing Metaphysical Void at the Center of My Bedroom Ceiling
spit wads from magazine ads, dimensions vary, 2010

My work is going to be in a group show in Los Angeles at Martha Otero Gallery.

November 20, 2010 – January 8, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 20th from 6 to 8 pm

a group exhibition featuring work by:

E.V. Day
John Espinosa
Rob Fischer
Matt Greene
Adam Janes
Brad Kahlhamer
Jose Parla
Travis LeRoy Southworth
Jen Stark

BroLab performance for Art in Odd Places, NYC

I will be participating in the art festival Art in Odd Places which runs from Oct 1 – 10 along 14th street in Manhattan.

The performance is part of the collective I am in called BroLab. More information at and

BroLab includes:

Rahul Alexander
Jonathan Brand
Adam Brent
Ken Madore
Ryan Roa
Travis LeRoy Southworth

Brolab will be performing along 14th street in Manhattan from October 1st – 10th, 2010 as part of the Art in Odd Places Festival : CHANCE, curated by Yaelle Amir and Petrushka Bazin.  As envisioned in our project, PUMP 14, we will be moving water back and forth from the East River to the Hudson using yokes and buckets, culminating in a 24hr cycle performance on from Friday October 8th at 3pm to Saturday October 9th at 3pm.
Click here for full project details and gallery.
Performances will be done on a daily basis, though these are a few dates to watch out for:

Friday October 1st  7 – 9 pm (Outside of Theater Lab) 137 W. 14th Street

Daytime: 3 – 6 pm

  • Sunday: Oct, 3rd
  • Tuesday Oct, 5th
  • Thursday Oct,  7th


Friday 8th 3pm – Saturday 9th 3pm (24hr)

Fellowship in Photography from the New York Foundation for the Arts

I was  awarded a 2010 Fellowship in Photography from the New York Foundation for the Arts for my Detouched work.

Click here to view my page in the NYFA Artists Directory.