Material Remains, Young Space, 2021

Works from Familiar Faces, unique pigmented prints on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, 10 x 8 to 72 x 56 inches

Material Remains
Young Space
Aug 20 – Sept 19, 2021

Press Release:

Young Space is pleased to present Material Remains, an online exhibition featuring the work of sixteen artists from around the world whose works investigate ideas around the mind and body’s relationship to the external environment, and how memory and heritage construct realities and perceptions specific to individual experience. The collective knowledge of passing through time and space, both in our daily activities on Earth as well as on a cosmological scale, belies that we are rarely consciously aware of it at all. Amidst the activities of our daily routines, pausing to reflect on the details of the quotidian, such as domestic tasks or passing interactions with others, has a tendency to magnify the significance of otherwise small exchanges or occurrences.

Adam Boyd  |  Cab Kenningale  |  Erika Krause  |  Gillian Haigh
Hasani Sahlehe  |  Irina Patrusheva  |  Leka Mendes  |  Loren Erdrich
Madeline Peckenpaugh  |  Na Liu  |  Renata Cassiano Alvarez
Ryosuke Ishii  |  Sam Mack  |  Tahanny Lee
Travis LeRoy Southworth  |  Véronique Chagnon Côté