Mirror Eye, Ortega y Gasset, Brooklyn, NY, 2020

Blurry Mistake #1, unique pigmented print on paper blend, 12 x 9 inches

Press Release:

Young Space is excited to partner with Far x Wide for a three-day exhibition at Ortega y Gasset Projects in Brooklyn, NY, to benefit Art Start. This exhibition showcases exceptional work by early-career and emerging artists, and 50% of proceeds from sales support the mission of New York City nonprofit organization Art Start in their continuing mission to identify and nurture young people through art (the other 50% to artists)!

Alex Paik (Brooklyn, NY), Amelia Briggs (Nashville, TN), Brendan Shea (Portland, ME), Brian Rattiner (Brooklyn, NY), C. Anthony Huber (Iowa City, IA), Christian Ruiz Berman (Westport, CT), Darren Dempster (Brooklyn, NY), Ethan Stuart (Santa Monica, CA), Georgia Elrod (Brooklyn, NY), Georgia Hourdas (Brooklyn, NY), Ian Etter (Brooklyn, NY), Jason Rohlf (Brooklyn, NY), Joey Weiss (Brooklyn, NY), Joseph Dolinsky (Brooklyn, NY), Kara Cox (Providence, RI), Kiwha Lee Blocman (New York, NY), Leonora Loeb (New York, NY), Liz Ainslie (Brooklyn, NY), Loren Erdrich (New York, NY), Max Manning (Spring, TX), Molly Hassler (Milwaukee, WI), Nina Kintsurashvili (Iowa City, IA), Raymie Iadevaia (Los Angeles, CA), Roland Santana (Chicago, IL), Sharon Servilio (Jackson Heights, NY), Supaform (Moscow, RU), Taylor Loftin (Jackson, MS), Taylor O. Thomas (Tampa, FL), Travis LeRoy Southworth (Brooklyn, NY), and Zuleyka Alejandro (New York, NY)