256 Unique works, 3000 x 4000px, JPG 
All digital 1/1s can be viewed and collected as NFTs on OpenSea.

REVELATIONS is a series of 256 works by Travis LeRoy Southworth that explores moments of quiet absurdity to existential crisis linked to the growing marketplace of algorithms and artistic production. Southworth uses text and image to reveal shifting sentiments and further question how the tools we use attribute to digital identity and social relationships.

The process of making each work derives from the belief that in order to be seen, we have to exhibit the predictability and consistency of algorithms. But as much as we crave the reliability of a protocol, the results often create unintelligible output. Paradoxically, as the algorithm itself attempts to become more human we become less so.

Letters cut from each image are digitally collaged over the work to create nearly illegible messages that disappear into the clouds. Viewers must inspect the work to decipher each word. Works function as singular pieces and as groupings where truncated sentences connect with one another. When read in sequence a call and response exchange between the artist and viewer reveals a murky narrative about existence and iteration.


Artist smart contract created through Manifold.
ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens on Ethereum.
JPGs and metadata are stored on Arweave.
Image dimensions are 3000 x 4000 pixels.