(TRUST), 2022

Installation view, NFT + digital video, 30 seconds looped, 3000px, no audio

(TRUST) is a site responsive work by Travis LeRoy Southworth created for the collaborative "A Slice of the Pie" screen as part of the DYOR exhibition at the Kunsthalle in Zürich, Switzerland, 2022.


Link to Non-Fungible Token on Objkt. 

Installation view of (TRUST) at DYOR, Kunsthalle, Zurich

“A Slice of the Pie” is by Silvio Lorusso & Sebastian Schmieg. For the duration of the exhibition DYOR, a 16 square-metre LED wall will display a circular pie-like shape divided into six slices. A dedicated website (a-slice-of-the-pie.live) will livestream the pie 24/7. Via the website, artists will be able to purchase one or more slices and fill them with their own artworks, thus becoming full participants in the exhibition. To define the appearance of the whole pie, they will have to collaborate or compete or hustle – or simply leave the final composition to chance.